Donald Trump and Conspiracies

Robert Mackey writes about one of Donald Trump’s latest conspiracy theories: that Hillary Clinton hired actors to impersonate Bernie Sanders supporters protesting Trump’s rallies.

THREE WEEKS AGO, when Donald Trump called off a rally in Chicago because hundreds of protesters managed to crash the party, a more introspective candidate might have asked himself what he had done to inspire such loathing.

Instead, Trump seized on a more comforting explanation: The young people who refused to let him speak must have been dispatched by his rival insurgent, Bernie Sanders.

One of Trump’s oldest political confidants, the former Nixon aide Roger Stone, developed a far more elaborate conspiracy theory. Stone, who has advised Trump off and on for decades, and has devoted himself to spreading rumor and innuendo about Hillary Clinton for nearly as long, rushed to Twitter to share his big idea: that the protesters must have been covert operatives for the Clinton campaign, paid to both impersonate Sanders supporters and provoke violence from Trump’s fans.

Of course, many have written about how Trump thrives on conspiracy theories,  why Americans believe him, and why Trump’s buying into conspiracy theories would make him a terrible President.

It’s also worth taking a look at this Vox segment about why people are drawn to conspiracy theories in general and how they help explain political parties.

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