Unscripted, Trump Automatically Reverts to Churlishness

After a tough week for Donald Trump, during which he lashed out at a federal judge for his Mexican heritage and the Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan called Trump’s comments the “textbook definition” of racism, the Republican nominee finally gave in to advisers and agreed to deliver last night’s speech via teleprompter.

The speech, which contrasted severely with his usual off-the-cuff style of public speaking, was roundly criticized as excessively boring. The internet jumped in and enthusiastically mocked his lackluster speech, causing “teleprompter” to trend on Twitter.

There were, however, a few moments when Trump detoured from the scripted speech. These moments demonstrated that while Trump can speak calmly and professionally when carefully supervised, when left to his own devices, he immediately reverts to crude, childish antics.

The most prescient example of Trump’s true nature glaring through his dull speech came when someone in the crowd shouted, “No TPP!”

Trump responded, “No PPP, you’re right about that” — mistaking the abbreviation for the Trans Pacific Partnership (he later corrected himself, presumably because a staffer mouthed “Trans Pacific Partnership” at him). He followed that gaffe, inexplicably, by saying, “So, and you mean, ‘No PP.'”

The exchange hasn’t received a ton of coverage, but Mother Jones asked:

Does he mean “no pee pee”? Is he that much of a child? Was it something else? WTF was this supposed to mean?

The most logical answer here, it seems, is: yes.

Here’s a clip of the moment:

What appears to happen is that Trump assumes the yeller is making some sort of disparaging remark about his opponent, Hillary Clinton, about whom much of his speech revolved. That explains his initial remark: “No PPP.”

He follows up with “No pee pee” because, you know, Hillary Clinton doesn’t have a penis. You can see he thinks he’s making a clever joke by the way he closes his eyes and juts out his jaw.

A teleprompter can only restrain this churlish slime so much. Let him off the leash, even for a moment, and this is what you get.

Your Republican nominee, ladies and gentlemen.

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