Which Is It?

Is Donald Trump an unhinged menace to society? Or is he a responsible president, well equipped to deal with complex geopolitical issues?

The former is the correct and obvious choice. But Democrats on the Hill are straddling both options — simultaneously telling their constituents the former, while passing policy that indicates they believe the latter.

On Monday, the Senate passed a massive military spending bill to the tune of $700 billion dollars, which actually exceeded what President Trump requested. Only four Democrats plus Bernie Sanders (on the left) voted against the bill. Which means 40 Democrats, including liberal heroes like Elizabeth Warren and Al Franken, voted to give madman Donald Trump $700 billion to wreak military havoc around the world.

It’s hard to imagine how this money could have been spent more irresponsibly. Alex Emmons explores in The Intercept one better way it could have been spent.

Democrats in Congress are supposed to be one of the few checks on President Trump’s power. This craven behavior shows a serious lack of resolve where it matters.

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