Better Copy Can’t Save This Tweet

Somehow this tweet from food porn content mill INSIDER food showed up on my timeline:

My immediate reaction was to tell INSIDER food to fire their social media writer. Which I regret. I’m sure this person is cranking out ungodly amounts of content and doesn’t get to spend the time s/he would like creating clever copy.

Plus, what makes this tweet so unappealing (aside from the thought of eating real gold) is the glorification of garbage food intended to be consumed by the eye but not the mouth.

But since we’re here and we’ve got this tweet in front of us, here’s how I’d fix the content to make it palatable:

Doughnuts that get ^with a crown^s of 23 k^arat gold are the level of goals we strive to be at. >> Donuts with crowns of 23 karat gold are goals.

Sure, it’s tacky, but at least it doesn’t end with a preposition. And quite frankly, if INSIDER food’s brand voice isn’t intentionally tacky, I don’t know what they’re doing.

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