What Happened to “What I’m Reading”?

For five years, I maintained a section of this site called, “What I’m Reading.” This page was a simple collection of books and articles I had read, but it didn’t serve much of a purpose but to please my frivolous love of list-building. It was a passive exercise, a repository of information rather than a personal reflection of what I’d read.

I’ve re-thought how I’d to incorporate what I read into this site. I no longer feel that a simple list of links fits the bill. This site is more or less my sandbox, since I’m not driving any meaningful amount of traffic to these pages. And because I have the freedom to do with it what I’d like, I’ve decided to attempt to force myself to do more critical reflection of the words I devote so much time to reading.

What that means, I think, is that I will be turning to the blogging portion of this site to do that reflection. As I finish books and articles, I’m going to try to take the time to dissect the ones that mean something to me. Those posts will be part of a series I’ll call, “What I’m Reading,” because I don’t think it makes sense to call it anything else.

For the few of you who peruse these lists from time to time, you’ll still be able to access the archive of my reading lists on the now-hidden page. To any new visitors to this page, I hope you’ll find the new iteration of “What I’m Reading” to be entertaining.


One response to “What Happened to “What I’m Reading”?”

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