Jeff Bezos is a dangerous mad man who must be stopped

Jeff Bezos is currently worth somewhere in the realm of $170 billion. On any given day, Bezos might make or lose more money than almost any other human will make in their entire life. Intrinsically, I knew that any person with that amount of wealth had to be deranged, but I’ll admit I was unaware of the full extent of his lunacy. Nathan J. Robinson at Current Affairs puts it on full display:

His internal logic is that amassing endless power and wealth is objectively good, because it serves the Customer and the ultimate mission of fleeing the earth for space. So Amazon should do everything possible to avoid paying taxes, because taxes saved can go toward the all-important Mission. It should extort whatever it can get out of cities. It should try to take over the U.S. government. After all, if the public doesn’t share Bezos’ belief that we must urgently build the infrastructure to flee the earth, their will must be overridden.

I vaguely recall hearing about Bezos’ interest in space colonies; but I mostly ignored his galactic fantasies like I ignore his fellow space-obsessed billionaire pal Elon Musk (who also enjoyed the company of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein). I didn’t realize that this stupid idea was the North Star guiding Bezos’ quest for greater and greater wealth.

As many have pointed out, giving your money to Jeff Bezos is objectively a bad thing. But while boycotting Amazon might make us feel a little better on an individual level, stopping Bezos and his crazy pursuit of space colonies at the expense of life on this planet is going to take more than that. If you find Bezos’ vision for the future as disturbing as I do, then the most important thing you can do is to vote for politicians who will stand up to Amazon and other mega companies.

When Amazon launched its search for a second headquarters, many politicians embarrassed themselves by groveling at the company’s feet, begging Bezos to come to their cities. These politicians are not your friends. To stop Amazon from exploiting its workers, governments, and the environment, we need to elect politicians who see Amazon for what it truly is: a weapon wielded by one of Earth’s true villains.

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