Introducing: Entertain Us

OK, let’s try this again. About 2.5 years ago, I announced the retirement of “What I’m Reading.” I then made the foolish promise to do more blogging about what I read, rather than just listing it. That didn’t happen. This blog has been mostly dormant for the last few years, and in all honesty it’s probably never going to be super active again. That’s fine. I’ll write here when I feel like it, but I’m not going to put any arbitrary pressure on myself to do more than that.

However, because I’m such a list nerd, I have created a new section of the site called “Entertain Us.” This is going to function much like the old “What I’m Reading,” but it’s going to encompass more than just books. Now, you’ll get to see all the books I’ve read during the year, as well as the new movies and albums I’ve watched and listened to, respectively. If you care about my opinion on those things, I’ve also included links to lists where I’ll rank the year’s movies and albums. Following me there is a much better bet for active and consistent engagement than you’ll find here.

That’s all! Oh, and the site has a new, simplified look. I got tired of the old aesthetic, so I switched it up to this very minimalist design. Anyway, enjoy!


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