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“Liberal Media” in the Era of Trump

How do you appease those who wish to destroy you? More importantly, why would you try? This is the uphill battle we've watched the establishment of American news media wage for the attention of the conservative voting bloc, which has returned the favor most commonly with unrequited loathing. Brian Beutler argues on Crooked.com that it's … Continue reading “Liberal Media” in the Era of Trump


My Wholly Unqualified and Unscientific Oscar Predictions, 2018

For the first time in my life, I've seen all of the nominees for Best Picture before the Academy Awards actually take place. I joined MoviePass in late 2017 and have been a movie theater denizen since. I'm not really a film buff; I'm just taking advantage of MoviePass in a way that probably worries … Continue reading My Wholly Unqualified and Unscientific Oscar Predictions, 2018

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Long and Winding Roads (and Trails)

A couple weeks ago, I visited Carver Park Reserve on a whim. I walked the trails alone for a few hours and snapped a photo or two. I saw fewer than a dozen people during my visit, so I focused my shots on the landscape and the roads and trails winding through the park. I like … Continue reading Long and Winding Roads (and Trails)

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How to Wake Up Earlier (And Not Hate Yourself for It)

I used to try to squeeze in as much sleep as possible before frantically waking up, getting ready for work, and running out the door. The problem was that by the time I reached work I still hadn't mentally prepared myself for the day. So I decided to start waking up a little earlier in … Continue reading How to Wake Up Earlier (And Not Hate Yourself for It)

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A Week in Japan

As promised in my last post, I'm finally getting around to writing about my recent trip to Japan. The memories are still fresh, and I want to get it down before everything I did starts blending together. Below you'll find a brief itinerary from my trip and some of the best highlights (there were many). … Continue reading A Week in Japan

Tim becomes a Tommie

If you follow me on social media (or, say, you know me in real life), you've heard my latest personal news: on Monday, November 13, I started a new position as Marketing Manager for the University of St. Thomas Opus College of Business. After nearly three years at Mall of America, I decided to make … Continue reading Tim becomes a Tommie

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Photography at the University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

A little over a week ago, my parents flew to Minnesota to see my wife in a ballet performance. I took the Friday before the show off work; and on the recommendation of a friend, took my parents to the University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. The Arboretum was recently named the top botanical garden in … Continue reading Photography at the University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

Watching the NFL Meat Being Made

In the third quarter of Thursday night's matchup between the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears, Danny Trevathan delivered a dirty hit on a defenseless receiver, Davante Adams. Video of the collision is disturbing, as Adams' mouthguard pops up above the collapsing players. What an idiotic, dangerous hit by Danny Trevathan. pic.twitter.com/cgBOkTooS1 — Brad … Continue reading Watching the NFL Meat Being Made

Better Copy Can’t Save This Tweet

Somehow this tweet from food porn content mill INSIDER food showed up on my timeline: Doughnuts that get a crown of 23K gold are the level of goals we strive to be at. 🍩 pic.twitter.com/5FAGisYyFQ — INSIDER food (@InsiderFood) September 8, 2017 My immediate reaction was to tell INSIDER food to fire their social media … Continue reading Better Copy Can’t Save This Tweet

Which Is It?

Is Donald Trump an unhinged menace to society? Or is he a responsible president, well equipped to deal with complex geopolitical issues? The former is the correct and obvious choice. But Democrats on the Hill are straddling both options — simultaneously telling their constituents the former, while passing policy that indicates they believe the latter. … Continue reading Which Is It?