The Minneapolis History Project

In 2018, I’ll be embarking on my first semi-concerted photography project. I’m calling it “The Minneapolis History Project” because it’s just that: an opportunity for me to explore the history of Minneapolis through my camera lens.

How? By using the Minneapolis landmarks listed on the National Register of Historic Places as backdrops for my amateur street photography throughout the year. Minneapolis is dense with locations of historic significance — some that have maintained their essence, and some that have been transformed entirely. I’ll research the locations, photograph at as many spots as possible, and write short posts about what I saw and what I learned.

I hope to create photographs blur the distinctions of time, and instead demonstrate how people and places can transcend time even while succumbing to its forces. This will be a learning process for me, and above all I want to see this vision come into greater focus throughout the process.

I’ve created a Google Map to track which landmarks I’ve visited, which you can view below. Posts will appear on my blog with the tag “Minneapolis History Project.” Thanks for reading.