Rick Perry Made a Creepy, Childish Video

Republican long-shot candidate Rick Perry released a video today, “Economic Freedom: An Animation.” Apparently the stick figures and PowerPoint transitions weren’t enough to indicate to the average Rick Perry supporter that the video is, in fact, an animation.

The video opens:

In the wake of the 2008 recession as millions of hard working Americans lost their jobs the Texas economy prospered becoming an economic haven for the over-taxed & under-employed.

Perry’s premise is based on the widely debunked myth that Texas’ growth was the result of low taxes and other conservative economic policies. This deception is all his feeble campaign has to stand on, so don’t expect it to go away any time soon.

After the opening, what proceeds is an amateurish production — it’s the kind of video you might see in a freshman film production class. Dripping with overt metaphors, the 3-minute video (who makes 3-minute videos?) follows a child’s drawing of a man as he moves from the gray world of broken Obama promises to the colorful land of opportunity that is Texas.

Apparently good ol’ Rick didn’t learn his lesson from his infamous 2012 “Strong” video fiasco. This video is destined to wind up in the meme-osphere as well — assuming the forgettable candidate can even garner enough views to be mocked.

Watch the video, in all its stupid glory, below:

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