The Magic of Macy’s: Border Patrol Not Included

There are now 14 candidates in the GOP primary field. We can assume that at least two more will join the clown car: John Kasich (Governor of Ohio) and Scott Walker (Governor of Wisconsin). That’s 16 candidates dedicated to proving to the Republican base that they are the craziest–and therefore the most relatable. That means we get a plentiful stream of political hilarity until the election.

The common denominator among GOP candidates is their knack for sharing their dumbest moments with the world. They just can’t resist it! Sometimes they forget how to count to three. Sometimes they insult 47 percent of Americans. Sometimes they lose debates with 8-year-olds.

With the field so saturated with people hell-bent on loudly expressing their bad opinions, we’re pretty much guaranteed at least one really dumb moment every day. The probability is just too high. Keeping up with the absurd things these people say and do could be a full-time job.


Donald is currently in free fall, as virtually everyone cuts ties with him. In the past week, Univision, NBC and Macy’s have all dropped him after his incredibly racist remarks about Mexican immigrants during his campaign announcement.

In response to Macy’s, the latest company to break up with Donald, he took to Twitter to voice his outrage:

That’s right: the department store isn’t strong enough on border security for the Trump. Is he so removed from the real world that he doesn’t know that retailers don’t generally line the border with armed guards?

To his credit, it doesn’t appear that Donald has hired a sophisticated digital team to run his Twitter account. That tweet is pure Trump. Which means he’s destined to be featured on this blog many more times before all is said and done.

P.S. Other Republicans also enjoy sharing their wacky opinions on social media, so I created a Twitter list of all the announced GOP candidates where you can follow the hilarity yourself.

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