Maureen Dowd needs a new hobby.

When Maureen Dowd writes a column about the Clintons, is there anyone in the world who doesn’t already know what she’s going to say? Her latest, “The Clinton Contamination” (another blisteringly clever title from Ms. Dowd), is a diatribe comprised of Dowd’s greatest Clinton hits, with some current events tossed in to convince readers of her relevance.

Honestly, how does The New York Times let her get away with writing like this?

“I certainly wouldn’t do it again,” [Attorney General Loretta] Lynch said, admitting it hit her “painfully” that she had made a mistake dancing with the Arkansas devil in the pale moonlight.

Rita Skeeter wrote more level-headed sentences than this. We’d all be better served if Dowd just put out a weekly column called “I Hate Hillary Clinton” with those same words repeated for a few paragraphs. It would save us all some time.

Surely there is a better way for Dowd to spend her weekends. Just so long as it’s not getting high on edibles.

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