What Happened to “What I’m Reading”?

For five years, I maintained a section of this site called, "What I'm Reading." This page was a simple collection of books and articles I had read, but it didn't serve much of a purpose but to please my frivolous love of list-building. It was a passive exercise, a repository of information rather than a … Continue reading What Happened to “What I’m Reading”?

The Proper Media Diet

Two articles this week give perspectives on consuming news—how and if it should be done. In The New York Times, Farhad Manjoo recounts his two-month, print-only cleanse: Basically, I was trying to slow-jam the news — I still wanted to be informed, but was looking to formats that prized depth and accuracy over speed. It … Continue reading The Proper Media Diet

“Liberal Media” in the Era of Trump

How do you appease those who wish to destroy you? More importantly, why would you try? This is the uphill battle we've watched the establishment of American news media wage for the attention of the conservative voting bloc, which has returned the favor most commonly with unrequited loathing. Brian Beutler argues on Crooked.com that it's … Continue reading “Liberal Media” in the Era of Trump

Kathleen Parker’s Confused Column Inconclusive on Validity of Conspiracy Theories

Kathleen Parker, the conservative Washington Post columnist, penned an article on January 6 with the eye-catching headline, "If Obama is a Muslim, is Trump a Russian spy?" As the piece starts, it appears to urge caution to liberals who are wont to imply or explicitly state that Trump is a tool of the Russians. After a brief "history refresher" … Continue reading Kathleen Parker’s Confused Column Inconclusive on Validity of Conspiracy Theories

Escaping Political Writing

One of the changes I noticed in myself over the course of 2016 presidential election is that I gradually filtered the content I consumed to the point that everything I read was politically focused. At the start of 2016, I was stumbling happily through the internet to find intriguing stories on a variety of topics. … Continue reading Escaping Political Writing

Maureen Dowd needs a new hobby.

When Maureen Dowd writes a column about the Clintons, is there anyone in the world who doesn't already know what she's going to say? Her latest, "The Clinton Contamination" (another blisteringly clever title from Ms. Dowd), is a diatribe comprised of Dowd's greatest Clinton hits, with some current events tossed in to convince readers of her … Continue reading Maureen Dowd needs a new hobby.

Is Facebook a news organization?

Amid accusations of Facebook suppressing conservative content in its "Trending" section, The New York Times examined social media's evolving role as news source and curator. For the companies, adding additional curated or original editorial content has an obvious appeal, helping them extract more value from people already using the platform, as well as potentially attracting new ones. … Continue reading Is Facebook a news organization?