Views You Can’t Appreciate from a Car

When I tell people I commute by bike even during the winter, the first question I get is typically, “How?” That question prompts a pretty straightforward answer: “With the proper gear.” If you’ve got the right bike, the right tires, and the right clothes, commuting on bike through the winter snow and cold is very manageable.

The second question I get is: “Why?” Now that’s more a question of philosophy than of function. Sure, part of the reason I bike year-round is political, though I fully recognize that my abstaining from cars doesn’t go very far in the overall fight against climate change. But more than that, biking in the winter is about how it makes the rider feel. Expressing that feeling is hard to do in words, so I’ll let these photos from today’s commute mostly speak for themselves.

Midtown Greenway looking east, Minneapolis
Midtown Greenway looking east, Minneapolis
West River Parkway looking south, Minneapolis
West River Parkway looking south, Minneapolis
Mississippi River looking south, Minneapolis (just barely)

While folks continue to complain about the slushy, treacherous roads, these trails of compact snow provide a smooth ride across the metro. If you want to know why I ride in the winter, my best advice is to get out and try it yourself.


One response to “Views You Can’t Appreciate from a Car”

  1. […] But we all know that’s not going to happen. Instead, we’ll keep stuffing the city with cars and wondering why it keeps getting less pleasant to live here. Good luck out there. Did I mention that the bike trails are nice and smooth? […]


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