Long and Winding Roads (and Trails)

A couple weeks ago, I visited Carver Park Reserve on a whim. I walked the trails alone for a few hours and snapped a photo or two. I saw fewer than a dozen people during my visit, so I focused my shots on the landscape and the roads and trails winding through the park. I like … Continue reading Long and Winding Roads (and Trails)

Photography at the University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

A little over a week ago, my parents flew to Minnesota to see my wife in a ballet performance. I took the Friday before the show off work; and on the recommendation of a friend, took my parents to the University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. The Arboretum was recently named the top botanical garden in … Continue reading Photography at the University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

Color and Monochrome in Taylors Falls

I took advantage of a free schedule yesterday with a trip to Stillwater, Minnesota. After breakfast at Oasis Cafe (highly recommended) and a stop in Valley Bookseller (also recommended), my friend and I decided to make the 30-mile drive north to Taylors Falls. The little town across the river from Wisconsin boasts some pretty challenging … Continue reading Color and Monochrome in Taylors Falls

Profiles + Silhouettes

I left work around noon today to enjoy the overdue spring weather in St. Paul. I biked home, read a book in the park, and finally grabbed my camera to stroll around Lowertown without a subject in mind. Before long I got a decent silhouette, so I decided to focus on capturing more profiles and … Continue reading Profiles + Silhouettes

Nerstrand Big Woods State Park + Valley Grove Church

I drove an hour south of St. Paul yesterday to explore a Minnesota state park and take some photos. The sun had raised the temperature to just below freezing: the perfect weather for a hike. Still, I went prepared. Nerstrand-Big Woods State Park is a relatively small natural area (only 1,646 acres). The forest was once … Continue reading Nerstrand Big Woods State Park + Valley Grove Church

Paulsen Wishy-Washy on Trump

In Minnesota, the Republican candidate for the 3rd Congressional District, incumbent U.S. Rep. Erik Paulsen, is struggling to find the balance between not endorsing Trump and not outright disavowing him. It's proving a tough line to straddle: Fresh from a political convention where Republicans emerged in lockstep support of Donald Trump as the party’s presidential nominee, … Continue reading Paulsen Wishy-Washy on Trump

Here come the Minnesota jokes…

Well, this isn't what Minnesotans wanted to be known for... Hey @ForTheWin -- here's something you don't see every day! Happened at tonight's Minnesota United game. pic.twitter.com/DqdqexW1Vz — Ryan Shaver (@RShaverSports) July 21, 2016 Please, Sports Center, don't put us on your Not Top 10. It's bad enough that Digg has picked it up.

The Republican War on Spelling and Grammar

Grammar enthusiasts on Twitter ridiculed Donald Trump this morning for a tweet that broke three basic spelling and grammar rules. The tweet, which has since been deleted (although screenshots will ensure that it lives forever), read (emphasis mine): Looks to me like the Bernie people will fight. If not, there blood, sweat and tears was a … Continue reading The Republican War on Spelling and Grammar

Biking the East Coast

Now this sounds like something I might have to check out: The East Coast Greenway Alliance has been working since 1991 to connect the whole geography of the Atlantic seaboard with protected bike paths. So far, 850 miles of trail have been designated as Greenway. The project is about 31 percent complete, says Dennis Markatos-Soriano, the executive … Continue reading Biking the East Coast

St. Louis Park’s Hidden Gem

The only reasons I ever go to St. Louis Park, MN are to see movies at the Showplace Icon Theatre and, today, to pick up some baseball tickets. Otherwise, I don't intentionally direct myself to St. Louis Park. It's not that I have anything against St. Louis Park. It's a Minneapolis suburb home to approximately 45,000 … Continue reading St. Louis Park’s Hidden Gem