The Rough Waters of the Conspira Sea Cruise

Anna Merlan has an exceptionally good recap of her time aboard the Ruby Princess, which hosted "the first annual sea cruise for conspiracy theorists." On the open waters, she came face-to-face with fanatical believers in everything from fairies to mind control; she stood her ground when conference leaders accused her of being a government plant; and she … Continue reading The Rough Waters of the Conspira Sea Cruise

The Extraterrestrial Lobby

Stephen Bassett is very excited. Bassett is the United States' only lobbyist dedicated to extraterrestrial issues, and his world has been rocked in the past couple of weeks. I hope that this is only just the beginning. This is the biggest news story in history. After presidential candidate Hillary Clinton discussed the possibility of human-alien … Continue reading The Extraterrestrial Lobby

Donald Trump and Conspiracies

Robert Mackey writes about one of Donald Trump's latest conspiracy theories: that Hillary Clinton hired actors to impersonate Bernie Sanders supporters protesting Trump's rallies. THREE WEEKS AGO, when Donald Trump called off a rally in Chicago because hundreds of protesters managed to crash the party, a more introspective candidate might have asked himself what he had … Continue reading Donald Trump and Conspiracies