I Miss Blogs

It's a lazy Saturday, and I'm catching up on long-form articles I've saved to Pocket from my never-ending Twitter feed over the past few weeks. The articles have been undoubtedly engaging and well-written. I read Amanda Mull's grappling with the limits of minimalism in the era of a pandemic. I took a deep dive into … Continue reading I Miss Blogs

Every Movie Mentioned in Movies (And Other Things) by Shea Serrano

So I just finished reading Movies (And Other Things) by Shea Serrano. It was great, but I really wish there was an index listing all of the movies mentioned in the book. There isn't though; and since I'm an obsessive list-maker, I decided to make my own. How I Set It Up As I read the book, … Continue reading Every Movie Mentioned in Movies (And Other Things) by Shea Serrano

The Proper Media Diet

Two articles this week give perspectives on consuming news—how and if it should be done. In The New York Times, Farhad Manjoo recounts his two-month, print-only cleanse: Basically, I was trying to slow-jam the news — I still wanted to be informed, but was looking to formats that prized depth and accuracy over speed. It … Continue reading The Proper Media Diet

My Wholly Unqualified and Unscientific Oscar Predictions, 2018

For the first time in my life, I've seen all of the nominees for Best Picture before the Academy Awards actually take place. I joined MoviePass in late 2017 and have been a movie theater denizen since. I'm not really a film buff; I'm just taking advantage of MoviePass in a way that probably worries … Continue reading My Wholly Unqualified and Unscientific Oscar Predictions, 2018

Watching the NFL Meat Being Made

In the third quarter of Thursday night's matchup between the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears, Danny Trevathan delivered a dirty hit on a defenseless receiver, Davante Adams. Video of the collision is disturbing, as Adams' mouthguard pops up above the collapsing players. What an idiotic, dangerous hit by Danny Trevathan. pic.twitter.com/cgBOkTooS1 — Brad … Continue reading Watching the NFL Meat Being Made

Reviving My Love for the NBA

It’s 1997. I’m six. And two nights after Michael Jordan’s improbable “Flu Game,” I watch as Steve Kerr sinks the game-winning shot to give the Chicago Bulls their second-straight NBA title, the team’s fifth in seven years. The Bulls’ league dominance started before I was even born, but I feel a part of it nonetheless. … Continue reading Reviving My Love for the NBA

Why Blink-182 is Back

Amanda Petrusich writes about Blink-182's nostalgic resurgence: The grievances and pleasures Blink-182’s songs express—the dumbness of adults, how weird sex is, how cool jokes are, how lonesome life can be—are the kinds of things that get worried over most loudly from ages twelve to eighteen. It’s tempting to think that our emotions become more complex … Continue reading Why Blink-182 is Back

What We Love About Guy Fieri

I think Hua Hsu has uncovered the perfect explanation for why we are drawn to Guy Fieri like potatoes to a vat of grease: “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” is the opposite of destination dining. It’s a travel show about going nowhere. It is the precise opposite of fomo: I never feel like I’m missing out … Continue reading What We Love About Guy Fieri

NBA Buzz: Finals MVP

Last night's game in Cleveland was a disappointing one for Cavaliers fans. And for LeBron James. James seemed frustrated toward the end of the game, exchanging words with Curry near the scorer’s table as the teams went to the bench for a timeout. Shortly before, James also had words with Draymond Green after knocking him to … Continue reading NBA Buzz: Finals MVP

Beyoncé and Sweatshops

It turns out Beyoncé's sportswear line, "Ivy Park," is made in a Sri Lankan sweatshop where workers experience "abominable working conditions and very low pay." The Frisky: In a breathless lede, Page Six reports on a facet of the fast fashion business that anyone with common sense would understand, writing that “Multi-millionaire singer Beyoncé reportedly … Continue reading Beyoncé and Sweatshops