Profiles + Silhouettes

I left work around noon today to enjoy the overdue spring weather in St. Paul. I biked home, read a book in the park, and finally grabbed my camera to stroll around Lowertown without a subject in mind. Before long I got a decent silhouette, so I decided to focus on capturing more profiles and … Continue reading Profiles + Silhouettes

Weekend Photography: #LoveHopeRise + St. Paul Skyways

I attended the #LoveHopeRise March in St. Paul on Saturday. The event was the first action of the new Love Hope Rise Coalition. Featuring a pre-march social justice fair with various progressive Twin Cities organizations, the march was specifically designed for people with children as well as for people new to demonstration activism. While I … Continue reading Weekend Photography: #LoveHopeRise + St. Paul Skyways

Finally, Some Snow

Though it's been getting colder and colder in Minnesota, the snow production in the Twin Cities has been lackluster thus far. I'm of the opinion that if it's going to be cold it should at least snow. Placate us with some pretty scenery, Mother Nature. Yesterday, the snow started to come down in a respectable quantity. … Continue reading Finally, Some Snow