“Liberal Media” in the Era of Trump

How do you appease those who wish to destroy you? More importantly, why would you try? This is the uphill battle we've watched the establishment of American news media wage for the attention of the conservative voting bloc, which has returned the favor most commonly with unrequited loathing. Brian Beutler argues on Crooked.com that it's … Continue reading “Liberal Media” in the Era of Trump

Updates to the Blog

Pretty much the only element of this site I've been keeping properly updated is the What I'm Reading section—where I archive the best articles I've read and, starting this year, keep a running list of books I've read (good or bad). It's useful for my reference, but otherwise it hasn't served much of a purpose … Continue reading Updates to the Blog

With Apologies to My Typewriter

We’re off to a rocky start. I’m writing right now, but not on you. You’re sitting quietly underneath my bed. Your case is gathering dust and beating off bugs. We haven’t rendezvoused in months — and even then, it was only a quickie. I tickled your keys for a passing moment and succeeded only in producing a … Continue reading With Apologies to My Typewriter