Color and Monochrome in Taylors Falls

Timothy Pate Taylors Falls

I took advantage of a free schedule yesterday with a trip to Stillwater, Minnesota. After breakfast at Oasis Cafe (highly recommended) and a stop in Valley Bookseller (also recommended), my friend and I decided to make the 30-mile drive north to Taylors Falls. The little town across the river from Wisconsin boasts some pretty challenging hiking inside Interstate State Park, if you’re willing to traverse a few cliffs.

Timothy Pate Taylors Falls

Timothy Pate Taylors Falls

Along our hike we stumbled on a guided tour of lava flows and natural potholes that dot the park along the water. This area is actually home to the deepest known natural pothole in the world, into which we peered as part of the tour. We learned about the geological history of the region and the work of the State Park staff to clear debris from the potholes.

Timothy Pate Taylors Falls

Timothy Pate Taylors Falls

I took a few photos along the way when I didn’t need my hands to grip the sides of boulders. I shot in full color for the start of hike and switched to monochrome just after our serendipitous rendezvous with the tour group. I used the basic 18-55 mm VR lens pretty much the entire time since it gave me the widest view for landscape photography.


Timothy Pate Taylors Falls

Though “Taylors Falls” is a bit of misnomer—there are no true waterfalls and I didn’t meet a single person named Taylor—it’s a great getaway for anyone seeking decent hiking and incredible views. In a couple weeks the fall colors will be in full effect, and I might have to go back.

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