Baseball (Reprise)

It's worth bumping this post from April of last year, because it's (sadly) still relevant. No, I didn't take the deep dive into baseball I said I was going to. But, surely I will this year...? What am I doing to make that happen? Following some baseball personalities on Twitter. Watching a couple Opening Day games … Continue reading Baseball (Reprise)


Emboldened by the Internet

Two days ago, I sent out (what I thought was) a pretty benign tweet: Sure: it's a criticism of two popular actresses; but they're actresses in a thriving series that frequently is subjected to reviews both positive and negative. I didn't think anything of it. This morning, I opened my Twitter feed to find 15 … Continue reading Emboldened by the Internet

Spite the Misogynists. Go see Mad Max: Fury Road.

I was about halfway through writing a post about this, but it appears Aja Romano at The Daily Dot and David Futrelle at We Hunted the Mammoth beat me to it. I'm not even mad. Go read Aja's and David's hilarious takedowns of the misogynistic reaction to "Mad Max: Fury Road." Here are a couple highlights: As … Continue reading Spite the Misogynists. Go see Mad Max: Fury Road.