Making History?

The folks over at Reason have their super hot take on Hillary Clinton's nomination: It's the kind of surface-level thinking we've long come to expect from the libertarian crowd. No, Hillary Clinton isn't going to solve all of America's problems by virtue of being a woman. But there is evidence to support the notion that the first female … Continue reading Making History?

How to Waste $1.4 Billion

Scientific American highlights a new study on the effectiveness of a $1.4 billion U.S. program to promote abstinence until marriage in order to prevent the spread of HIV in Sub-Saharan Africa. The program has proved inadequate, to say the least: A rigorous comparison of national data from countries that received abstinence funding under the 2003 U.S. President’s … Continue reading How to Waste $1.4 Billion

Blog Love: Lady Geek Girl and Friends

Lady Geek Girl reminisces nostalgically about Return of the Jedi. She also picks apart the themes of the infamous golden bikini scene. An excerpt: There is a part of me that wants to dismiss the slave Leia issue. As Carrie Fisher herself has pointed out, Jabba forces her into a sexualized and objectifying costume and attempts to enslave … Continue reading Blog Love: Lady Geek Girl and Friends

Spite the Misogynists. Go see Mad Max: Fury Road.

I was about halfway through writing a post about this, but it appears Aja Romano at The Daily Dot and David Futrelle at We Hunted the Mammoth beat me to it. I'm not even mad. Go read Aja's and David's hilarious takedowns of the misogynistic reaction to "Mad Max: Fury Road." Here are a couple highlights: As … Continue reading Spite the Misogynists. Go see Mad Max: Fury Road.