How to Use Downtime in iOS12 to Disconnect from Work

A recent episode of “Tech News Briefing” from the Wall Street Journal details the disappointing truth of the modern 24/7 work culture. On the podcast, Matthew Kitchen outlines the slow evolution of our constant connectivity — from the first cell phones to those annoying red notification icons on today’s smartphone — and the fear we experience at the thought … Continue reading How to Use Downtime in iOS12 to Disconnect from Work

Why It’s Time to Purge Your Facebook Friends

There was a time not so long ago when we all engaged in a social media arms race. We indiscriminately added friends on Facebook and followed accounts on Twitter with reckless abandon. But we, the early adopters of these new technologies, were young, and we didn’t know better. Now we’ve matured and settled into these … Continue reading Why It’s Time to Purge Your Facebook Friends

Tim becomes a Tommie

If you follow me on social media (or, say, you know me in real life), you've heard my latest personal news: on Monday, November 13, I started a new position as Marketing Manager for the University of St. Thomas Opus College of Business. After nearly three years at Mall of America, I decided to make … Continue reading Tim becomes a Tommie

Better Copy Can’t Save This Tweet

Somehow this tweet from food porn content mill INSIDER food showed up on my timeline: Doughnuts that get a crown of 23K gold are the level of goals we strive to be at. 🍩 — INSIDER food (@InsiderFood) September 8, 2017 My immediate reaction was to tell INSIDER food to fire their social media … Continue reading Better Copy Can’t Save This Tweet

Facebook To Join the Film Foray

Joe Flint and Deepa Seetharaman in The Wall Street Journal today reported that Facebook plans to begin producing original, "TV-quality shows" by as soon as late summer 2017. In meetings with major talent agencies including Creative Artists Agency, United Talent Agency, William Morris Endeavor and ICM Partners, Facebook has indicated it is willing to commit to production … Continue reading Facebook To Join the Film Foray

Pocket’s Trending News on Google

I opened Google today and saw something new: Trending Stories by Pocket. Pocket is a popular "save-for-later service" that allows users to save stories from the web to read on their devices offline at a later time. I use the service frequently, and indeed clicking the ? icon displays this message: The best of the … Continue reading Pocket’s Trending News on Google

Outdoor Research with the Quickness

As more companies consciously make an effort to keep sexism out of their marketing content, others are stuck in the Mad Men mentality of the past. The latest example: GQ published a piece on fall fashion for which they took a group of male rock climbers, a few female models and lots of really expensive clothing to … Continue reading Outdoor Research with the Quickness

4 Cloud Services to De-clutter Your Computer

There was a time when the amount of storage available was a major factor in my device purchases. I needed lots of space to store all of my documents, photos, music files and more. Storage space is now much less of a consideration thanks to tremendous advancements in cheap and free cloud services. My 4-year-old Mac … Continue reading 4 Cloud Services to De-clutter Your Computer

Is Facebook a news organization?

Amid accusations of Facebook suppressing conservative content in its "Trending" section, The New York Times examined social media's evolving role as news source and curator. For the companies, adding additional curated or original editorial content has an obvious appeal, helping them extract more value from people already using the platform, as well as potentially attracting new ones. … Continue reading Is Facebook a news organization?

How Hackers Manipulate Waze (and Other Apps)

Kashmir Hill at Fusion shares the findings from a research team at University of California-Santa Barbara: Here’s how the exploit works. Waze’s servers communicate with phones using an SSL encrypted connection, a security precaution meant to ensure that Waze’s computers are really talking to a Waze app on someone’s smartphone. Zhao and his graduate students discovered they … Continue reading How Hackers Manipulate Waze (and Other Apps)