Escaping Political Writing

One of the changes I noticed in myself over the course of 2016 presidential election is that I gradually filtered the content I consumed to the point that everything I read was politically focused. At the start of 2016, I was stumbling happily through the internet to find intriguing stories on a variety of topics. … Continue reading Escaping Political Writing

A Foggy Morning in Minneapolis

I haven't posted anything since the election. Frankly, it's been hard to think of what to write in the wake of the devastating results. Others have put forth some of their best work in response to the election. Masha Gessen's widely praised piece, Autocracy: Rules for Survival, laid the groundwork for how we adjust to and fight back in this … Continue reading A Foggy Morning in Minneapolis

Timothy Pate High School Journalism

The Threat of High-School Journalism

This story came out of my hometown yesterday: Staff at the Palmer Ridge High School student newspaper expected “significant reaction” when they endorsed Democrat Hillary Clinton for president, but they’ve been surprised by the vitriol they’ve received. “Some of the stuff we’ve seen on Facebook is quite disgusting,” said Evan Ochsner, a Palmer Ridge senior and co-editor-in-chief. “There … Continue reading The Threat of High-School Journalism

Mall of America pushes back against Black Friday creeping into Thanksgiving

Yesterday was a cool day at work. After rumors of the possibility, my coworkers and I at Mall of America were notified that the nation's largest mall will be closed on Thanksgiving. The Minneapolis Star Tribune told the story this way: In the past few years, the Mall of America was among the growing crop of retailers and … Continue reading Mall of America pushes back against Black Friday creeping into Thanksgiving

My Passion is Directionless (and I Think That’s OK)

I had a minor epiphany tonight. A few months ago, I started a blog with some friends. It was essentially a way for us to compile and discuss the stories that we shared with each other on a daily basis anyway. It lasted about four months. Eventually, we all just stopped writing. If you were … Continue reading My Passion is Directionless (and I Think That’s OK)

Here come the Minnesota jokes…

Well, this isn't what Minnesotans wanted to be known for... Hey @ForTheWin -- here's something you don't see every day! Happened at tonight's Minnesota United game. — Ryan Shaver (@RShaverSports) July 21, 2016 Please, Sports Center, don't put us on your Not Top 10. It's bad enough that Digg has picked it up.

Good night, D.B. Cooper

It's been nearly 45 years since a man known as D.B. Cooper hijacked a plane, exchanged passengers for $200,000 and parachutes, then leapt out of the back of the plane and into mystery. Now the FBI is finally closing the case in order to keep resources from being diverted on a fool's errand. Peter Holley reports: “Although … Continue reading Good night, D.B. Cooper

The Rough Waters of the Conspira Sea Cruise

Anna Merlan has an exceptionally good recap of her time aboard the Ruby Princess, which hosted "the first annual sea cruise for conspiracy theorists." On the open waters, she came face-to-face with fanatical believers in everything from fairies to mind control; she stood her ground when conference leaders accused her of being a government plant; and she … Continue reading The Rough Waters of the Conspira Sea Cruise

Biking the East Coast

Now this sounds like something I might have to check out: The East Coast Greenway Alliance has been working since 1991 to connect the whole geography of the Atlantic seaboard with protected bike paths. So far, 850 miles of trail have been designated as Greenway. The project is about 31 percent complete, says Dennis Markatos-Soriano, the executive … Continue reading Biking the East Coast