A Foggy Morning in Minneapolis

I haven't posted anything since the election. Frankly, it's been hard to think of what to write in the wake of the devastating results. Others have put forth some of their best work in response to the election. Masha Gessen's widely praised piece, Autocracy: Rules for Survival, laid the groundwork for how we adjust to and fight back in this … Continue reading A Foggy Morning in Minneapolis

Outdoor Research with the Quickness

As more companies consciously make an effort to keep sexism out of their marketing content, others are stuck in the Mad Men mentality of the past. The latest example: GQ published a piece on fall fashion for which they took a group of male rock climbers, a few female models and lots of really expensive clothing to … Continue reading Outdoor Research with the Quickness

Timothy Pate MMA photography

Things I Learned Photographing My First MMA Event

Yesterday, my friend Caroline Yang asked if I wanted to come along to shoot an MMA fight at Cabooze in Minneapolis. I've been looking for ways to diversify the subjects of my photos, and this seemed like a great opportunity. Not only had I never shot an MMA fight previously — I'd never even been to an … Continue reading Things I Learned Photographing My First MMA Event

St. Louis Park’s Hidden Gem

The only reasons I ever go to St. Louis Park, MN are to see movies at the Showplace Icon Theatre and, today, to pick up some baseball tickets. Otherwise, I don't intentionally direct myself to St. Louis Park. It's not that I have anything against St. Louis Park. It's a Minneapolis suburb home to approximately 45,000 … Continue reading St. Louis Park’s Hidden Gem